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Motor Homes and Retirement

January 13th, 2023

Bob and Mary are having the time of their life now that they have retired. The kids are grown now and living on their own in different parts of the country. At first it was a little rough. The big house with no one in it. No sounds of kids laughing or playing games in the back yard. In fact, it was kind of lonely.

May said, “Why do we have this big house? No one is here and we have to travel to see the kids.”

Shortly after that they both went to an RV show and while looking at the beautiful motor homes displayed there, they were both thinking the same thing. “This is all we need.”

They both loved to travel and wanted to do more of it. Not only visiting the kids, but seeing the country. And the recreational vehicles had everything they could hope for.

So after checking it out thoroughly and even renting a motor home a couple of times, they decided to take the plunge. They sold their home, picked out a motor home of their choice and became ‘full timers’ as they say.

Now their home is their motor home. It is equipped with everything they need. A modern kitchen with dishwasher, micro wave, oven, refrigerator-freezer, ice maker, garbage compacter and much more.

The bathroom has a garden tub, large shower, plenty of lighting and a place for everything. They even have a washer and dryer.

Bob has an office set up with his computer and printer all wired in. It has a home entertainment center wired in to the bedroom as well with everything at their fingertips.

It comes equipped with a super quiet generator so they can pull over anywhere and flip a switch and have full power and everything they need.

Now they visit their kids without being a burden. They can pull into the driveway or up to the curb and be right at home. And between seeing the kids, they’re seeing the world.

Now they have a whole new list of friends that they’ve met in RV parks around the country who are doing the same thing they are. Full time RV’ers and they wouldn’t trade it for anything.

If the weather takes a turn for the worse wherever they are, they just move to a nicer climate until it changes again. And they are seeing things and places they never thought they would see.

Yes, Bob and Mary are living the good life. They never k